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7 skills for sewing lace

Sep 22,2022 | Lace Fabric Shop

1. Fabric cutting: the scissors
To cut the lace, always use a dedicated dressmaker's scissors. The Kai 5210 is perfect. Identify the scissors you use to cut lace, sequins, faux fur, with an adhesive, so you will distinguish it from the classic dressmaker scissors you use to cut lining cotton or fabrics for classic dresses.


2. Fabric cutting: the rotary cutter
Cutting with the rotary cutter is clean, precise, fast and easy. Use the 45 mm cutter for classic cuts, while you can cut the fabric with the 28 mm cutter for the more curved areas such as the sleeve hollow and the crew neck.


3. Join lace and lining: basting
The most classic method to join the lace to the lining, or to a basic solid color fabric, is that of basting. A slow method, which allows us to join two or more fabrics together 0.5 cm from the edge or a little less. Let's find a quicker and simpler solution!


4. Joining lace and lining: the seam
The second method of joining lace and lining consists of sewing 0.5 cm from the seam allowance, in order to be able to fix the two layers of fabric in an interesting, easy and precise way.

It is certainly a faster method than basting, and guarantees greater precision on the position of the fabrics, since they no longer move when sewn.


5. Joining lace and lining: temporary fabric glues
Temporary fabric glues are the modern and simple solution for joining lace and lining. These temporary glues, as the word says, cancel their bonding power after some time, allowing us to sew our lace to the lining without basting, in an easy, fast and fun way!


6. Lace finishing: the bias ribbon
When we don't have the overlocker, or when we want to finish an unlined dress, we can sew the lace edging it with the satin bias ribbon: an elegant, refined and chic choice! How to sew lace is an excellent solution if we do not have an overlock, and we want to join the seam allowances of lace and lining.


7. Finishings of the izzo: the overlocker
The fast and professional finishing is achieved with the overlocker, which performs a zigzag overcasting with a chain stitch that joins the fabrics, making them no longer unthread. It is a technique that allows you to maintain the elasticity of the fabrics, unlike the satin bias finish which gives stability and firmness to the lace.


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